What is it?




Digital ethics? What does that mean? 

Well, in one long sentence, digital ethics is interpreted here as a kind of baseline for exploring what it means to try and ethically and reasonably navigate and interact with this modern digital landscape where we all now live.

Basically, it’s just figuring out the best way to live and enjoy the digital world around us, while doing the least amount of harm as possible. We might not always know the best way to use today’s technology and we may stumble through a few social media roadblocks in our online lives, but as long as we keep talking about what’s happening and trying to better it as we go along, we can hope that humans and technology and digital media are headed in the right direction.

Sounds interesting. But I’m not sure that I’m the demographic you’re looking for.

Are you a human being who uses a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer in anyway? Then Digital Ethics: A Podcast is for you!

It’s a digital world and we’re all just living in it. Our reality is now both offline and online, and the conversation concerning digital ethics is one that should involve everyone who wishes to be a part of it. The podcast serves as a way to explore those digitally ethical topics, expand upon them and relate them to our everyday lives.

That gives us the freedom to look at all things under the digital sun that seem fun, interesting & relevant. This can run the gamut from themes exploring the social hierarchy of online gaming communities, the manipulation of social media by oppressive regimes, deep dives into the analytics of racial bias in algorithms and the art of Youtube remix culture.

Ok, cool. So who are you & what’s up with the podcast?

My name is Jessica Vitkin and this podcast was created as part of my grad school thesis project while attending the Digital Media & Storytelling program at Loyola University Chicago. In my last semester I began working for the university’s Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, an entity created in 2011 in an effort to promote the dialogue, research and guidelines regarding ethical behavior in online and digital environments.

Me & Aggie
Your host and your host’s cat

I’m a big fan of podcasts! I like listening to them and I enjoy recommending them to other people. Podcasting as a platform is one of the most steadily growing forms of digital media and as the Center is all about all things digital media, it seemed like a reasonable and fun move to make a podcast about digital ethics!

That’s a fun theme song, who made it?

Good question! The song is ‘Computers Take Over’ by Key Los & Gavin Harrison, the track details on the audionetwork site include this fun little factoid:

The first transistor was constructed in the laboratory in 1947, opening the gates for the miniaturization of electronics which has characterized technological development ever since.